10 Best Things to do in Paris Monday

Stuck in Paris on a Monday and wondering how to make the most of your day? Do not worry, this blog is your one-stop shop for unforgettable Parisian experiences, even on a weekday! Whether you are craving a guided exploration through historic streets, a charming day trip outside the city, or a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, we have got you covered.

We will delve into the best walking tours (Paris), exciting day trips from Paris (possible on a Monday), and unveil some off-the-beaten-path (Paris) treasures and hidden gems (Paris).

Even if the Parisian sky decides to open up, We will share some fantastic rainy day activities (Paris) to keep your spirits high. So, ditch the Monday blues and get ready to experience the City of Lights in a whole new way!

Things to Do in Paris on a Monday

Ah, Paris! The City of Lights, romance, and…museums closed on Mondays? Do not fret! While some museums take a break on Mondays, Paris offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored.

  • Walking tours (Paris): Immerse yourself in Parisian history and culture with a guided stroll through iconic landmarks.
  • Day trips from Paris (possible on a Monday): Escape the city for a charming adventure within reach.
  • Off-the-beaten-path (Paris): Discover hidden corners and unique experiences away from the usual tourist crowds.
  • Hidden gems (Paris): Uncover lesser-known museums, charming cafes, and captivating neighborhoods.
  • Rainy day activities (Paris): Let a little rain not dampen your spirits! We will share some fantastic indoor options to keep your day delightful.

So, get ready to embrace the Parisian spirit and create unforgettable memories, even on a Monday!

10 Best Things to Do in Paris on a Monday:

  1. Walking Tours (Paris): Dive into Parisian history with a guided walk. Explore the Marais district, learn about the Latin Quarter’s intellectual heart, or stroll through the grand Champs-Élysées.
  2. Exciting Day Trips from Paris (possible on a Monday): Escape the city for a charming adventure. Visit Versailles, the opulent palace of French kings. Explore the medieval town of Chartres, famed for its stained glass cathedral.
  3. Off-the-beaten-path (Paris): Discover hidden corners. Wander through the Père Lachaise Cemetery, final resting place of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Explore the quirky Canal Saint-Martin, a local favorite for picnics and strolls.
  4. Hidden Gems (Paris): Uncover lesser-known museums. Delve into the world of fashion at the Musée Galliera or admire masterpieces of sculpture at the Rodin Museum.
  5. Rainy Day Activities (Paris): Embrace the Parisian flair indoors. Catch a captivating performance at the Palais Garnier opera house. Browse the independent bookstores lining the streets of the Latin Quarter.
  6. Musée Carnavalet (Open Mondays): Explore Parisian history from the Middle Ages to the present day at this fascinating museum.
  7. Arc de Triomphe (Open Mondays): Climb to the top of this triumphal arch for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.
  8. Sainte-Chapelle (Open Mondays): Witness the stunning stained glass windows of this 13th-century Gothic chapel, a marvel of light and color.
  9. Enjoy a Parisian Picnic (any day): Pick up fresh bread, cheese, and wine from a local market and find a charming spot for a leisurely picnic lunch in a park like the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Tuileries Garden.
  10. Seine River Cruise (any day): Relax and enjoy a scenic perspective of the city with a boat cruise down the Seine River. Admire iconic landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum from a unique vantage point.

Remember, this is just a starting point! With a little planning, you can have a fantastic time exploring Paris, even on a Monday.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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